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Strict QM System

We provide products of high quality and competitive price for domestic and overseas markets, guaranteeing all products are manufactured as per API certification standards. We manufacture strictly under the guidance of ISO9001 Quality Management System. We have established a long-term cooperative rela...

Qualified Staff

Since establishment, we have been paying close attention to help the company staff to make progress. Annual, quarterly, and monthly training programs are available for improving their quality awareness and implementing competence. ...

Professional After-Sales Service

To improve the after-sales quality, increase customer satisfaction, maintain the image and reputation, and assure the sustainable growth of the company, weset up specialized After-sales Service Center and various offices in differentmarkets to provide complete services for our clients. ...

Sales Network

We have won customer loyalty and trust, and built an extensive sales network so we can survive in the market. We have sales offices in major Chinese regions including Daqing, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, and Liaoning, and service offices in the US, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesi...


Officially established in January 2017 in the ancient capital city Xian, Shaanxi Province, Xian Huayang Oil Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. (HY OilGas) presents itself as a supplier specialized in oilgas equipment manufacturing and a provider of integrated oil services. We have a team of 30 RD personnel, 18 management staff, 20 domestic and overseas marketing specialists plus 15 for after-sales service. Driven by the scientific-research and service-innovation-orientedtarget, we are capable of providingadvanced equipment and reliabletechnical solutions. Our products have been adopted by major oil fields in China and overseas, and with years of accumulation in domestic market we have maintained cooperative healthrelationship with our clients. Now we are resolute to introduce our products with competitive price to overseas market, and hence we have strengthened our manufacturing standards, making sure every product we supply is ofhigh quality and conforms to API standards, by implementing the ISO......

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