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Vertical cutting dryer
source:西安华扬油气设备有限企业 time:2017-11-10
Capacity(T/h) 30-50T/h
Basket Diameter 930mm
Basket Split 0.25~0.5
Rotary Speed 900r/min 0~-900r/min
 Air knife Air Inlet Pressure 0.69 mpa
Air Tool Air Supply 1.8?/min
Fuel Tank Volume 60L
 Main Motor Power(kW) 55kw
Oil Pump Power(kW) 0.55kw
Weight 5900kg 5700kg
Dimension 2750×2130×1800mm

Features and functions:
1.Rotation Speed up to 900rpm, Can form separation G-Force 420G, effectively separating the liquid from drill cuttings。
2.Unloading blade formed by the high chromium cast iron , long service life。
3.Assembly of high pressure air knives can effectively prevent the bucket blocked。
4.Each replaceable part is selected through the dynamic balance test, meet the balance of machine replacement parts。
5.Independent oil-cooling system, equipped with scientific Tank cooling systems effectively meet the requirements using in high temperature environment。

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