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Centrifuge Supply Pump
source:西安华扬油气设备有限企业 time:2017-11-10
Model Flow Lift Speed Motor
50YZS25-12 25?/h 12m 1430r/min 3kw
50YZ20-18 20?/h 18m 1430r/min 4kw
80YZ50-20B 40?/h 16m 1440r/min 5.5kw
80YZ50-20 60?/h 17.5m 1440r/min 7.5kw
80YZ80-20 90?/h 22m 1460r/min 11kw
100YZ100-30A 75?/h 30m 1470r/min 18.5kw
100YZ100-30 60?/h 36m 1470r/min 22kw
100YZ160-38B 82?/h 33m 1480r/min 30kw
100YZ120-60 120?/h 40m 1480r/min 45kw
150YZ250-40A 135?/h 35m 1480r/min 55kw
150YZ250-40B 120?/h 28m 1480r/min 37kw

HYYZ series slurry pump mainly supply mud for Shale Shaker and centrifuges from the mud pit. The structure ofHYYZ series slurry pump is single level, single sucking Cantilever type, using  bearing seat, supports seat, connecting pipe to connect the pump hydraulic parts of pump, Liquid discharged by the hydraulic hose assembly, pump’s impeller is Semi-open impeller, In the impeller import stretch equipped with mixing blades, the pump’s main features is submerged parts of the shaft, has enough of stiffness, between the impeller and pump shell did not set bearing, shaft seals, can conveying the medium contains larger concentration solid particles. The standard length of Pump Insert liquid is1.3 meters, and can be equipped with a suction tube if required. Shaft seals adopts the running of Insert pump into liquid, without shaft seal, transmission by vertical motor mounted on the motor bearing block, connected by coupling with the pump.

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