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Sand pump
source:西安华扬油气设备有限企业 time:2017-11-10
Flow rate
Head Impeller Diameter Power
Electric System

Ex Standard

HYSB8×6-14J 320?/h 40m 14in 75kW 50HZ ExdIIBt4  /  IECEX  /  A-TEX 1096kg 1968×650×1017mm
HYSB8×6-12J 12in 60HZ
HYSB8×6-13J 275?/h 35m 13in 55kW 50HZ 987kg 1894×650×957mm
HYSB8×6-11J 11in 60HZ
HYSB6×5-13J 200?/h 35m 13in 45kW 50HZ 786kg 1811×558×858mm
HYSB6×5-10J 10in 60HZ
HYSB6×5-12J 150?/h 30m 12in 37kW 50HZ 771kg 1786×558×858mm
HYSB6×5-9J 9in 60HZ
HYSB5×4-13J 120?/h 35m 13in 30kW 50HZ 696kg 1696×568×805mm
HYSB5×4-11J 11in 60HZ
HYSB5×4-12J 90?/h 30m 12in 22kW 50HZ 583kg 1648×568×800mm
HYSB5×4-10J 10in 60HZ
HYSB4×3-13J 65?/h 35m 13in 18.5kW 50HZ 561kg 1595×505×800mm
HYSB4×3-12J 12in 60HZ
HYSB4×3-12J 55?/h 28m 12in 15kW 50HZ 482kg 1550×505×755mm
HYSB4×3-10J 10in 60HZ
HYSB4×3-11J 45?/h 25m 11in 11kW 50HZ 464kg 1510×505×755mm
HYSB4×3-9.5J 9.5in 60HZ
HYSB3×2-10J 30?/h 20m 10in 7.5kW 50HZ 380kg 1398×490×717mm
HYSB3×2-9J 9in 60HZ
Features and Benefits:
Alloy cast iron for pump body,longer usage life.
Precision casting technology immensely reduce the incidence of defects.
Mechanical seal and Asbestos seal.
Imported SKF bearing and FKM oil seal.

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Address:NO. 138, Feng Cheng Nine Road, Economic and Development Zone

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